Techfruits Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Artifical Intelligence

Remodel your business.

Artificial Intelligence

AI guarantees growth opportunities that you just might never have notional.

Machine Learning

Reap the worth hidden within gathered data.

Machine Learning

Change machines to research the info sets, create helpful predictions...

Server & Storage

Efficient analysis and optimized solution.

Server & Storage

Right Server & Storage Solutions which will be the best fit...

AR / MR / VR

Keep your hardware and software in top condition

AR / MR / VR

Techfruits develop victimization rising technologies like...


Multi-layered security design.


Techfruits provide integrated application and network security...

Robotic Process Automation

Working with humans for innovation and to boost productivity.

Robotic Process Automation

With Robotic Process automation, the company can deploy virtual...

Data Center

Leading Data Center solution providers in South India.

Data Center

Our Data Center solutions are unique and tailor made.


Robust networks to increase productivity.


We provide network solution in Data Center Network...

Deep Learning

Adapt to unpredictable business circumstances.

Deep Learning

Techfruits facilitate our customers in terms to attain the deep learning...


Server, Storage, Workstation, Desktop Laptop & Networking

Laptops & Tablets, Desktops & Workstations, Printers, Ink & Toner, Display & Accessories.

Intergrated Systems, Servers, Storage.

Oracle Hardware, DB & Other Software

 P-Series Servers, Storage, Media, Tape products and Softwares.

Enterprise storage solutions

APP Security, Load Balancer, WAF, SSL Off loader, Multi-Cloud Management, APP Development.

Switches, Routers and storage.

Graphics cards , DGX Systems.

Graphics cards.

Color Management Monitors, Professional LCD Monitors, Operating Room Solutions, Medical Monitor Solutions, Industrial Monitor Solutions, ATC Visual Display Solutions.

LTO Drives, Tape Library and LTO Media

VDI Solutions.

Firewall solutions

Firewall, Switch & other products

Firewall Solutions.

Cintiq Pro, Cintiq, Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo Spark, companion.

IO cards, Film scanner

Power Solutions Products, Modular Racks etc

Power Solutions Products, Modular Racks etc

Backup, DDUP & Archival

Access point controllers.

Modular Racks.

Networking, Switches, Access points, Security, Clear pass and Mobile management.

VDI Solutions.

Cyber security appliance.

Server & Storage.


Pen Tablet, Pen Display, LED Light Pad


V-Ray Max, V-Ray Maya, V-Ray Rhino, V-Ray SketchUp, V-Ray Softimage, V-Ray Blender, V-Ray Standalone, V-Ray MODO, V-Ray Nuke, Phoenix, vrscans, Pdplayer.

Sapphire, Mocha Pro, Silhoutte, Digital Film Tools, Particle Illusion, Title Studio.

Craft Director Studio, Craft CameraFx  – Available for Autodesk 3DS MAX® and MAYA®.

Red Gaint Complete, Trapcode Suite, Magic Bullet Suite, Universe, VFX Suite, Shooter Suite.

DEFlicker, DE:Noice, FieldsKit, ReelSmart Motion Blur, RE:Fill, RE:Flex, RE:Lens, RE:Match, RE:Map, PV Feather, Shade/Shape, SmoothKit, Twixtor, Video Gogh.

Element 3D, Optical Flares, Twitch, Pro Shaders, Motion Design, JetStrike, Metropolitan, Backlight, StockFX.

GSG Complete Suite, GSG Rendering Suite, GSG Motion Suite, X-Particles, HDRI Link, HDRI Studio RIG, Topcoat, Light KIT Pro, Texture Kit Pro, Signal, Transform, City Kit.


KeyShot, KeyVR, KeyShot Viewer.