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Simplify, protect and manage your storage environment

Today, data growth rates exceed 100 percent year over year. An estimated 80 percent of all data is generated by individuals but the responsibility of businesses. As such, a data strategy that addresses massive data growth is crucial for both organizations, and now, even leaders of individual lines of business.

Facing unmatched growth in the quantity and variety of data, as well as wide industry and government regulations that dictate how that data must be managed and protected, administrators are being forced to react quickly, control costs, work with limited resources, and yet implement long-term storage strategies that could easily last beyond their tenure.

Techfruits is focused on supporting solutions from today’s leading storage developers and manufacturers, and our certified, experienced storage specialists can help you to make the most of your existing storage investments adhere to security regulations and industry compliance, Back it all up, all the time, keep it running, with no planned or unplanned downtime.

Get the right server to fit any applications environment

Server solutions include configuration and planning options, maintenance, technical support, subscription management, software licensing, and financing. Server consultants, project managers, and an improved Solution Assurance process combine to ensure you get the right technology solutions backed by experts.

Techfruits offers best-of-breed server technologies from the world’s leading manufacturers, and integrates them into complete infrastructure solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

Industry-standard servers: Techfruits helps hundreds of clients maximize investments in industry-standard servers (ISS) from today’s leading technology manufacturers. We have certified Partners for HPE, HUAWEI and IBM.

Success in the Cloud Hinges on Well-Defined Requirements

Why Does Your Firm Need “The Cloud”?

Cloud-based solutions are shortening the technology gap between small and large companies as it enables users to leverage enterprise grade solutions at small business prices.

Reduced costs, optimized operations and workloads, and freedom to tackle larger IT issues are all proven benefits of cloud environments. But success requires an optimized cloud strategy based on well defined, accurate requirements tailored to an organization’s unique needs.

A deployment of cloud services without clearly defined requirements can result in sub-optimal cloud resources and increased risk. When considering cloud strategy, you have to look at the entire cloud ecosystem. And Techfruits can help.

Our Services & Offerings :

Cloud Briefings

Due Diligence and Risk Assessment

Private, Hybrid, Public, and Managed Cloud Design

Cloud Strategy

Techfruits provides cloud solutions across all deployment models and partners with a wide spectrum of industry-leading partners.

The most advanced networking solutions, from the world’s leading networking providers

Techfruits is partnered with the world’s top networking hardware and software companies, to ensure that we can offer best solutions for your entire organization. Techfruits is having teams of highly certified experts and architects can build reliable, scalable and cost-effective networking infrastructure to fit any organization.

Techfruits have a dedicated team of certified networking experts that will help you with :

Planning and Project Management

Assessment and Design Services

Testing and Implementation



What must be secured? How should it be secured? And who should have access?

Because of malicious breaches, theft of proprietary data and compliance requirements, security is now a priority for virtually every organization – and these are the three top-level security questions facing any organization. What are you doing to ensure your organization has the answers?

Techfruits offers a variety of consulting and integration services to help you establish and execute a security plan that fits your business. Whether you need to implement a new security program, or improve on one you already have in place, Techfruits can help with specific solutions for policies and procedures, securing identity and access, applications, infrastructure and data.

In order to guarantee convenience and performance for users in office, workstations should be fitted with solutions that can be fully adjusted to different infrastructures and meet user’s connectivity and mobility needs

Techfruits have the expertise to create the optimal workstation configuration for you. Together we can create a perfectly tailored and complete solution for your business situation. We have the skills to help you match the specific hardware requirements to fully optimise your software whichever industry you’re working in.

Our specialist system engineers strive to maximize the performance and stability of every product we build to help improve your workflow and increase production. This value helps reduce business costs and provide a better return on investment to make you both financially and creatively efficient.

By choosing Techfruits you can be assured of a personal experience with ongoing after sales support to help you reach your business potential. Take a look at our testimonials or better still, come and talk with us today to see how we can help you make the most of tomorrow’s technology, today.

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