We are driven by technology.

Who We Are

Techfruits helps companies of all sizes and in all industries become more competitive by taking advantage of technology solutions throughout the enterprise.

Our culture and beliefs are very important to us at Techfruits and our philosophy is built on 4 core values: Teamwork, Integrity, Innovation and Ambition.

Teamwork – We value all team members, giving people responsibility and authority to flourish within a supportive environment.

Innovation – We aspire to be creative leaders at the forefront of the industry, listening to our customers to provide exciting IT solutions.

Integrity – Integrity is very important to us and we value honesty, open communication and respect in all we do.

Ambition – We look for individuals with the desire and drive to succeed in all they do.

This is what we love to do.



Servers, Storages, Render farms, Workstations,Desktops, Surveillance, Firewalls, VC’s...


Rendering plug-ins, Special effects plug-ins, 3D applications plug-ins and much more...


Operating Systems, Office applications, 2D and 3D applications and much more...


Facility Management Services : Taking care of your IT needs with Trained Engineers.

Not just Service.

The Vision

We can help you to break inefficient dependencies by Discovering your goals for data storage, establishing what steps you can take today to optimize your existing storage infrastructure, building a plan that will transport you from your present state to a future state that’s cost effective and efficient.

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